The Prince’s Tale as a ring composition
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Nicolas Flamel
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01-15-2023, 01:33 PM

I found this article on Mugglenet. I thought it was a neat discovery.

The question is: "What is the center of the Prince's tale ring?".

Is it the moment that Dumbledore convices a grieving Snape to protect Harry?
Or that Snape is unimpressed with first-year Harry?

I think it is the former. It connects memory 1 (Lily through Harry) with the last memory (Snape helping Harry, Ron and Hermione with the sword, and looking at Harry and Ron).

Furthermore, the title of chapter could be a hat tip to Chaucer?
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01-18-2023, 08:34 PM

I do agree, the center would be Dumbledore convincing a grieving Snape to protect Harry. It is also a powerful and memorable scene that stands by its own. Snape unimpressed with first-year Harry is not that memorable or not even important, and I think that's an important feature of the scene that ocuppies the place of the center of the ring.

About the title, it could be a hat tip to Chaucer, but it isn't the first time JK Rowling uses that format for chapters: #20 in the Order of the Phoenix is "Hagrid's Tale" too.
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