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New Quidditch game!! - Sivany29 - 04-18-2023

The new Quidditch Champions game is going to be a multiplayer team competitive Quidditch game. It is holding a limited playtest on April 21-22, though a release date has not been set. According to the FAQ that was released the game 'has been in development for several years by Unbroken Studios'.

How excited is everybody? I know many people were slightly upset that Quidditch wasn't included in Hogwarts Legacy (but at least we could still fly) so this definitely will make up. Have any of you played the original Quidditch World Cup game? It would be cool to see comparisons between the two because majority think that game was great and I am sure this one will be too.
Final question: What position would you like to play in Quidditch? (I agree with Newt and I think I am also more of a chaser)

RE: New Quidditch game!! - patricio - 04-22-2023

I am super excited about this - I always wanted an online Quidditch videogame (I know Quidditch World Cup was great but it didnt include online gaming).

I bet this is going to be liek Rocket League, where you chose a positon and play alongside other 6 players. I will probable rotate between Chaser and Keeper!

RE: New Quidditch game!! - Typer Doodler - 06-10-2024

Saw Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions – Official Reveal Trailer right now -

RE: New Quidditch game!! - patricio - 06-10-2024

Trailer looks cool, I don't get people complaining about the graphics (this doesn't aim to be a FIFA videogame, for example).

However, I read some things from early players that I didn't like, so I will wait until I can play it to give my opinion (as everyone should do, lol)

RE: New Quidditch game!! - Typer Doodler - 06-11-2024

Agree! I rarely care about the graphics. It looks alright stylized.

If I'll be lucky, get my life in order, earn enough money, buy a new PC instead of my potato that can't run the majority of 3D games, then maybe, maybe I'll be able to play this before it's too late. And Hogwarts Legacy too.