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Full Version: THE RUNNING GRAVE: JK Rowling reveals the title of Cormoran Strike 7
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J.K. Rowling has announced the title for the seventh book in the Cormoran Strike series. The title is “THE RUNNING GRAVE”. This exciting news was shared on Twitter by the author, who also gave fans a clue to help them guess the title. The clue she provided was “Disentangle the hanging venturer”.  It was the account for the Strike and Ellacott Files podcast who guessed it right: congratulations!

As fans of the series eagerly await the release of this new installment, many are likely trying to decipher the meaning behind the title and the clue that was given. Some may be speculating that “the running grave” refers to a cemetery or burial ground where a crime or mystery takes place, while others may interpret the phrase in a more metaphorical way. The clue “disentangle the hanging venturer” adds an additional layer of intrigue and has many fans guessing what it could mean in relation to the story. It’s worth noting that there is also a poem by Dylan Thomas titled “When Like a Running Grave” which could also be used as a reference for the title.

Whatever the true meaning behind the title and clue may be, one thing is certain – fans of the Cormoran Strike series are eagerly anticipating the release of “The Running Grave” and the new case that it will bring for the private detective to solve.

It’s not yet clear when the book will be published but it’s expected to be on late 2023 (or early 2024). 

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Quick update: J.K Rowling confirmed that the clue was an anagram for the title, and not a clue about the plot of the book.